• How Pricing Is Determined

    If you are looking for the lowest prices at the expense of quality, we cannot help you. We believe that high-quality articles are of utmost importance, and therefore, we offer the best value for money.

    Cute Cats Copy: Copywriting Agency Pricing

    What the Price of Copywriting Agency Services Depends on 

    The price will vary depending on many factors, including:

    • The complexity of the ToR (number of keywords, uniqueness score, spam).
    • The topic to work with and the depth of its elaboration.
    • The type of work (copywriting, rewriting, editing, etc.).
    • The timing of the task.
    • The number of words.
    • Additional services (e.g., writing Titles and Descriptions).
  • Let us try to guide you through our prices:


    Cute Cats Copy: SEO articles, LSI articles Price

    Writing SEO, LSI texts

    From $30.00

    Per 1,000 Words.

    Writing texts with keyword phrases. We check the uniqueness (basic — copywritely.com), and keyword stuffing.

    Cute Cats Copy: Copywriting Without SEO Price

    Guest Post Writing

    From $25.00

    Per 1,000 Words.

    Literate and unique texts without keyword stuffing for your outreach strategy

    Cute Cats Copy: Product Descriptions Price

    Product Descriptions

    From $25.00

    Per 1,000 Words.

    Mouth-watering and detailed product descriptions for online stores..

    Cute Cats Copy: Proofreading Services Price

    Copywriting for Blogs

    From $30.00

    Per 1,000 Words.

    Writing articles for your blog based on the interest of your target audience and the chosen marketing strategy. All texts include relevant keywords.

    Cute Cats Copy: Landing Pages Price

    Editing and Proofreading

    From $5.00

    Per 1,000 Words.

    Checking articles, correcting grammatical, stylistic mistakes, improving readability.