Will AI Replace Copywriters: The Future of Content Creation


Can AI replace copywriters or should we not make hasty decisions after all? Let's find out!

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Will AI Replace Copywriters: A Hot Question

Many business owners want to increase their online presence, so they can only do so with a copywriter. Recently, AI tools for writing content have become very popular, and some users have recklessly assumed that they can get on the same level as a professional writer. Can AI replace copywriters, and is it worth using it to write articles? Let's think about it!

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Artificial intelligence is slowly penetrating many areas of our lives, and copywriting is no exception. Some business owners believe AI-based apps will be the best alternative to live human writing. They are now widely used for keyword selection, article optimization, and analytics. However, the former will win in a straight copywriter vs. AI battle. Let's get to the bottom of why that's the case.

How Do AI Tools Work in Copywriting

We're talking about online software designed to generate text for AI copywriting. ChatGPT, Jasper, CopyAI — they all work on the same principle. These tools generate content with specific parameters, which allows you to automate your work and, what's more, save money on hiring and paying a copywriter. However, will AI replace copywriters? I don't think so.

You need to spend a lot of time providing the AI with the correct input data because it can write a 300-600 word article based on them alone. Otherwise, it'll write you an article that barely touches the topic. There's another opportunity to make good use of AI. You can simply paste an already prepared text into the writing field, and it will rewrite it in a new way. However, it is worth recognizing that such an article will not be wholly unique and human.

If you answer the question “Can AI replace writers?” without thinking, we can say “Yes.” However, there are many nuances, and it all depends on what exactly you want to get. It is worth understanding a straightforward thing: for a machine-generated text to start sounding like something that is at least remotely similar to a human-written text, you need a lot of time and people willing to use their creativity to train an AI. And here comes the question of what will be more profitable: hiring an author who can dive into the specifics of your business and make an attractive copy or spending time and resources on machine learning.

The weaknesses of AI don't end there. I will tell you more about them so that you can make the right decision.

Will AI replace copywriters: Blog

Will ChatGPT Replace Copywriters: AI's Strengths and Weaknesses

Proponents of replacing copywriters with AI say it has many pluses. Among them, such people name:

  • Time saving. Indeed, artificial intelligence can create good texts for email newsletters or posts on social networks. In this way, authors can focus on more complex tasks.
  • Cost reduction. If you need a small, simple article with no uniqueness requirements, you can save money on paying a copywriter.
  • Generating new ideas. If your copywriter is having a creative crisis, AI can give them new ideas for content creation.

All of this does work. However, artificial intelligence can be a great assistant, not a replacement for the author. The fact is that it has many weaknesses that are simply unforgivable in the copywriting business. Here they are:

  • AI can only create articles with plagiarism. Uniqueness is one of the most important parameters by which content is evaluated. While researching, I discovered that the average uniqueness of content created by ChatGPT does not exceed 50%. In this case, making the article unique will take a lot of effort. Do you want to focus on that, or would you rather spend your time on more valuable things?
  • AI can't replace human creativity and emotion. Emotions are the first thing a copywriter influences when asking a user to buy a product or order a service. Artificial intelligence does not understand this deeply; it essentially just takes and combines the words it knows. Logically, when it comes to sales texts, the question of “Will AI replace writers?” is not even on the agenda.
  • AI doesn't fact-check. It is elementary to fool because it analyzes the online articles and then compiles them. You know that only some things on the web are accurate, and you want to get only valid information, right? Unfortunately, AI can't provide that.
  • Google can recognize AI-written articles. If this happens, it will directly violate the search engine recommendations. This will damage your SEO campaign and lead to many problems to be solved.

All these weaknesses allow you to answer "no" to the question unequivocally, "Will copywriting be automated." But, as I said, artificial intelligence can be a great help. Below, I will tell you how to use it for maximum efficiency. 

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Copywriter vs. AI: The Perfect Tandem

So, here's what artificial intelligence can help an author with:

  • Checking the grammar and style of the article. We are all human and can make mistakes. Artificial intelligence can help a copywriter find errors and improve the article's tone.
  • Creating the proper structure. When dealing with a large project of several thousand words, it's easier to understand clearly what you need to write. Software like ChatGPT can help you make a great outline on which the article will be written.
  • Idea generation. As I've said, even the best copywriters sometimes fall into a creative slump. AI can offer you different ideas so you can brainstorm and make an absolute masterpiece.

It turns out that artificial intelligence can only replace inexperienced and unskilled authors. Professionals can use its capabilities to simplify and speed up their work.

Wrapping Up

So what is better, AI or copywriter? The answer is unambiguous: a professional can do without artificial intelligence, although it will make the work easier. Without an experienced and qualified copywriter, AI will not be able to create emotion-filled content that will be useful for business. If you want to avoid being replaced by artificial intelligence, grow in the marketing field, and your talent will be invaluable!